Top Dermatologist Tips For Curing And Soothing Dry Skin Forever!

Dry skin is a complaint that bothers hundreds of thousands of people, and in cold conditions, it can be worse than ever. During long exposed winters, many people find that their skin dries and cracks leaving unsightly and painful patches of broken skin. There are many tips and tricks that people have to cure this, or at least to mitigate the damage caused, but if you really want to be rid of your dry skin then you need to speak to the experts – the dermatologists.

Don’t Bathe For Too Long

You may well feel that lounging in a bath could help your dry skin – after all, water is moisture right? Wrong! This will make things a lot worse. Keep the temperatures relatively cool as if you bathe or shower in water that is too hot it will inflame the problem, and also strip off the skin’s natural protection against yeast infection discharge.

Look After Your Hands

Hands are very prone to dry skin, and the worst thing for this is washing dishes. Immersing your hands in hot water for long periods of time will cause them a lot of damage. So, always make sure you put rubber gloves on, and don’t make the water too hot. Even better – invest in a dishwasher so that washing dishes by hand is a thing of the past. And we could all think of more interesting ways to spend our time than slaving over a massive pile of washing up right?!

Watch Out For Chemicals

Chemicals have a lot to answer for when it comes to the battle against dry skin. Harsh chemicals can be found in loads of different soaps and shampoos, and these can cause really bad skin problems as well as inflame existing ones or using infected surgical instruments. Pick soaps that are mild and low in chemicals. Don’t scrub your body with a sponge – it will just irritate it. Instead, wash with your hands and make sure you moisturize afterward with good quality but mild cream. Moisturizing is a really important step so make sure you are using a top cream really regularly to keep your skin as moist as possible.

Humidifiers Are Your Best Friend

Invest in a humidifier for your bedroom – you’ll be glad you did. It will help to increase the amount of moisture in the air, meaning your skin will be much less prone to dry skin while you sleep. We all know that the skin repairs and replaces many of its cells while we are sleeping, so if you have a dehumidifier in any room – make it the bedroom! They are not that expensive and they’ll make a huge difference.

If you are still suffering after following these tips, then it may be worth having a personal consultation with a local dermatologist – have a look online for ones that are close to you to find sign symptoms. They may be able to help point out where you are going wrong and provide welcome relief in the process.


Written by Dr. Ozair (CEO of as physician writers are physicians who write creatively in fields outside their practice of medicine.

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