The Famous Handmade Crafts of India

India is a country of surprises and each state has a different surprise to offer to its people in the form of handmade crafts. The country attracts many tourists across the globe not only because of its beautiful monuments, palaces, diverse culture but also because of its amazing crafts. It comes with a unique history and is famous among people for its exemplary beauty.

The handicraft items are prepared by hands and require a set of skill and precision to turn them into wonderful pieces. As each place has its own unique culture they have something attractive to offer to everybody. Let’s have a look at the hidden jewels of India from some parts of India.

The Kondapalli toys from Andhra Pradesh

Kondapalli toys with a 400-year-old craft tradition. and are made of softwood that hails from the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. The softwood is known as Tella Poniki that is found near Kondapalli hills.

It is basically based on themes like mythology, folklore, rural life, birds and animals that forms the basis of the craft. Sometimes the craft involves the whole family in the making of the craft in which the softwood is first treated to slow heating so that it removes all the moisture from the wood and is then cut out to give it a smooth finish. Tamarind paste is used as glue to join the parts and then lastly it is coloured with either oil and watercolours or vegetable dyes and enamel paints.

Thangka Painting of Arunachal Pradesh

 A Thangka painting hails from the state of Arunachal Pradesh where these paintings are made on cotton, silk appliqué and usually depicts a Buddhist deity, scene or a  Mandala and is popularly known as a Buddhist painting or scroll paintings. It can be used to decorate homes as well used to express the religion you are following. These paintings have images of Buddha, bodhisattvas, goddesses, humans, animals, plants, flowers etc.

The Thangka painting is painted or embroidered over which a textile is mounted then over which a cover is laid made of silk and is loosely woven in widths from 40 to 58 cm. These are art of precision and exact measurements.

Thangka scrolls can be used for different functions and can be used as teaching tools, or as a centrepiece during a ritual ceremony.

Sikki Grass Craft from Bihar

Bihar is known for its ancient craft that involves sikki grass. The state has Sikki grass in large quantities that is a special kind of grass. The natives of the Sitamarhi district of Bihar consider Sikki as auspicious by the people and is usually used as a raw material in making a large variety of products like toys, weaving dolls, baskets, boxes, murals and jewellery. These are used on various auspicious occasions. Generally, a box made of sikki is presented to the daughter at her wedding by her parents that are used to keep sindoor, ornaments and jewellery.

Terracotta craft from Chattisgarh

Terracotta is a well-known craft that comes from the state of Chhattisgarh that is made by the tribal villages of Chhattisgarh. There is a belief that is associated with these clay icons that they keep away evil spirits, propitiate unseen forces and also keep your life trouble free. Icons of Matri Devi or the Mother Goddess are also made that are believed to guard villages from disease.

Besides making the idols or figures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, lamps and tribal masks are also made of terracotta that is also given as souvenirs to people who are visiting the place for the first time.

Azulejos or Hand-painted tiles from Goa

Azulejos are hand-painted tiles that are a gift of Portuguese to the state of Goa as it was originally introduced by them. Originally blue and yellow colors were used on the tiles to depict floral patterns and religious scenes but with the passage of time, new themes and colours are being added. In addition to it, if you are coming to Goa then you can have your family portraits, nameplates, scenes from daily life, landscapes and scenery done on these tiles on special request. These tiles can be seen adorning some of the beautiful churches of Goa while you visit them to offer prayers. 

Blue pottery from Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a place of rich culture and multiple colors that offers an amazing array of handicrafts. It is the Land of Kings which offers a commendable collection of captivating artwork.

Some of the handicrafts include sculpture art, blue pottery, Meenakari, U Tie and Dye and many more. Among them, Blue pottery can serve you best if you want to adorn your house with some great art. Jaipur is famous for its blue pottery handicrafts. The blue color that is used in the pottery comes from cobalt blue dye and the motif takes its inspiration from Mughal Era that also includes animal and bird motifs. You can easily get blue pottery online if you are not visiting Rajasthan anytime soon.

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